Printing - Shutdown Instead

Hi Hub,

I can’t print. Choosing “File, Print” gets me to the print page, but only for a flash and then the program closes entirely. Anyone else experiencing this?

I’m running on Sierra, version 10.12.2

Hi, please see:

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Thanks, that worked! I had to go into Security settings to allow it, but just printed. You replied quickly and that’s much appreciated. I use Writeroom now instead of Word, especially when I’m getting started and don’t want to distract myself with mindless formatting.

My best,

Having same problem. Will check the zip and see what happens.

Fixed. Thank you!

Works for me too. It is a shame I didn’t go to the support forum earlier. I think it is sad development actitvity is low atm, but it is understandable. I would love to see a fully compatible version however.