Printing Options

How does TP format to print? Can I setup a printing theme and tell TP to use that? Font size and color for the screen are one thing. Printing a draft to mark up (with a pencil) or a to-do list to carry around are a completely different thing.

Right now it just prints the formatting that’s visible in the text view (minus background color). To get a different looking printout you’ll need to modify your theme.less file. I agree it’s not ideal. Once I have support in for switching between multiple themes i’ll add support for choosing a theme to print with.


That’s unfortunate. I was hoping there might be some possibility of modification of code so that the text it looks for to create the print/preview could be adjusted.

Love what you’ve done to the place, how the v3 code is much easier to use theme the v2 code. Wondering if what I am asking is even possible?

I know you will get around to making switchable themes, eventually. But even when eventually finally arrives, it would still be nice if I could tell the output how the text should look from inside a theme.

As it is I can’t really see a workaround with a macro right now. All I can think of is creating a couple of theme changes and put each one in a Typinator macro then, open the theme.less file, change and save it, do the printing, re-paste and save it … sigh seems a little much but. Much better than it was though, I am enjoying using TO again, now that I understand how the …less file works.

That would be another route, but (if i’m understanding you correctly) it would couple your theme choice with your printing choice. Assuming multiple theme support… then there could just be a preference (use this theme for my printing) and it gives you more flexibility I think.