PRINT FIX - urgent

Hi, i need the print functionality fixed.
(mainly the huuuge margins around the text, which i can not control not through css, not through OSX dialog)

I started using the app more and more, and i can not export/print to PDF to share it with the customer as the spacings (margins/paddings) are huge.

Please prioritize the fix ASAP as right now it’s so frustrating i am considering dropping use of it.
Thank you.

How your printing looks is controlled by the themes, and the font size is control by how large your text is on the screen; and that can be changed by zooming in and out. I don’t think @jessegrosjean has mentioned what is the less code that changes the margins when one prints. I think it would be good to get that figured out :slight_smile: I agree with you that printing is definitively not one of TaskPaper’s strengths, although many power users have found a way to get what they want with way more control over every step of the printing process.

Probably the easiest way to get better printing abilities is using the printing script by complexpoint. You can also try the ruby library to export TaskPaper documents into HTML/Markdown.

In my case I convert my file into a MultiMarkdown file than is then processed into a latex->pdf. All of this is done automatically and through a script that even starts the printing process and archives the file in a filing system. It took me about 1/2hr to produce the template from something I had previously done. If you would like something like that, I can share my scripts. If you are not familiar with Tex, MultiMarkdown and Ruby, this is probably not your best option. But this definitively provides you with the most control on your document’s format.

Hope this helps.


I am using Task Paper for the purpose to USE Task Paper, not to spend 20 more mins to print it out.
I already made 2 styles one for desktop and one for print.
The margins we can not control, nor through html/css nor through the print dialog, and it’s 40% of wasted space if printed in PDF.

I need the highlightnig. Else just printing from a text file works.

@sneila, I am sorry if I sounded like your problem was stupid in any way. I do think that printing is something that TaskPaper definitively needs to improved. On the other side HogBay Software is a one man operation and at the moment @jessegrosjean is working in a completely new WriteRoom version. Usually @jessegrosjean is incredible at tech support and listening to the needs of its users in the forums and emails. He had acknowledged the need of improving the printing and the plan is to use some of the code that is being created in WriteRoom right now to improve printing in the next TaskPaper version.

I was giving you some suggestions because I know that your problem is not going to be addressed any time soon. Creating a template in HTML or even using TaskPaper->Markdown->to something else works well because you only have to spend the time to create the template(s) that fits your needs once and then you can do it almost automatically(I do have Ruby scripts that create and print reports automatically and without any input on my part on certain days of the week). I think that some of the people that really needed to have better printing and had some scripting knowledge already went that route and found that the route taken was probably better than anything TaskPaper could provide - even in the foreseeable future of TaskPaper. That doesn’t discount the fact that TaskPaper NEEDS better printing or that TaskPaper WILL get better printing.

If printing from the text file works okay for now, that would probably be your best solution. If you need anything else or if you have a specific need, let me know and I may be able to help.

Thanks for the question and @Victor, thanks for the responses. In this case I probably will post an update to the current TaskPaper preview release. I just took the time to figure this out for WriteRoom 4, the change to get it into TaskPaper isn’t hard, so I’ll try to post that soon.

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Thank you both. I am aware that Jesse is the only coder, and i love TaskPaper so much, that is why i use it.
I am very technical, i do write code. Yet, there are moments when i just need to send the notes i took to someone who does not have OSX, therefor no TaskPaper. Sure i could persue him/her to install Sublime with PlainTasks (that loads taskpaper files and displays them nice-ly), yet as said, i am expecting standard functionality for the print.

It’s not a major major issue, it’s just an inconvenient now.

Thank you Jesse for all the hard work!

I’ve posted a preview release that I think fixes this:

Is Zoom In and Out broken? Not working for me in current Preview.

EDIT - i had downloaded a Theme (Omnigraff inspired) and that prevented the Zoom in and out. Not sure why but not a TP error i guess.

If you mean [Focus in / Focus out] it is working here on mine.

FWIW, this thread from last May offered a patch by Jessie of Preview version 3.7.7. My current version of TaskPaper is Version 3.8.1.

Zoom In / Out is implemented by changing a variable that’s used for font size in the stylesheet. But if the stylesheet decided to just hard code font size then zoom in/out won’t work.

Thanks for replies. Sorry for opening old thread – my issue came up during printing, so i tagged on to this one.

The theme is emulating OmniOutline, it looks like it is “running” some procedures (i don’t know .less code). But when I go to print it only shows in black and white. Is this a factor of this particular theme, or does nothing print in color?