I don’t understand why the Apple Store price is $20 but the website price is $30. What is the difference between the two?

The license is different.

On the Mac App Store you are buying a yearly subscription. Bike will stop working when the subscription expires.

When you buy Bike from my website you are buying a one time purchase that doesn’t expire. It’s important to note that this purchase also includes 1 year of free updates, but after 1 year you will need to renew your license to get another years of updates.

and renew is $…?

I’m not sure yet, I expect $20 or less.

so “almost” a subscription :innocent:

Similar, but big difference is you are never forced to update and you can always keep using the version you bought + 1 year.

I will symbolically define it under 20$

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I heard you mention this on the podcast as well. It’s a bit hmm. odd feeling. I’m not sure if I like it or not.

Buying it now feels almost like you are taking a bet that this current stage is good enough and any new functionality won’t be worth paying extra for. If you do believe new cool functions are coming it’s best to just subscribe and save the money. Maybe just making future renewal less than the sub in the first place like $10/year renewal seems like a good option. Not saying I want you to make less money or that it’s not worth more but making users make that decision/bet, especially to those that pay more upfront seems tricky.


(ps I’d totally pay to use this with the expand/collapse memory functionality. I wonder if starting a forum post or something for people to share or sort features they’d pay for would be helpful)

I like the website sales mode, seems pretty fair to me. The basic equation for me is that I keep getting paid if I keep doing useful work. The basic equation for you is you are not locked into a subscription and get to decide when you upgrade.

I don’t like subscription model, and do not not purchase software that way when given a choice. I think the extra $10 upfront is worth avoiding subscription model. But I sell Bike on the Mac App Store with subscriptions because Mac App Store doesn’t give me alternative that I like any better.

That’s a possibility, I just don’t know at this point. I just keep mentioning $20 upgrade because that’s the highest I would go. I will try to figure out final upgrade pricing once rich text release is finished.