Preserve current fold and focus when closing a file?

Would it be possible to preserve the same focus and folding when closing a file, to get back to where you were next time you open it up?

Use case: My Project file is a large file containing all my projects, sorted after work/private, then areas of focus, then projects and sometime sub-projects. Each project has a Definition of Done, Current Tasks and a Notes section. I always work with everything folded and focus and/or expand on the project or area of focus at hand. But every time I close the file, I need to go the main projects, fold them both, and then use ‘Fold Completely’ two times to start working with the file.

In TP2, the current focus (search) is preserved even after closing the file and the program. Something similar here (with the added saving of folding) would be great!

TaskPaper will save folds and saves for documents that are left open when you quit the app. See this topic for more info:

Thanks Jesse,

Works like a charm - I did have that setting in System Requirements. However, in TP2 the current search was still saved, even with that setting.

But I am happy. :wink: