PPP Pricing

Hey, just checking if you have any plans to support PPP pricing in future. Basically adjusting the price according to the country / purchasing power of the user.

Not every developer offers this and no way should they feel obligated to either. But I guess it does open you up to a new market of users from developing countries and makes it easier for them to buy and support the product.

Would like to hear your thoughts on it.

If there’s an easy low maintenance way to do it I will/would, but I don’t really know where I would start. If you can point to some apps that do it I’ll take a look.

Generally (from whatever country) if you email me saying “This $ is what I can afford now” I’ll give a coupon to match.

You use Paddle for payments, right? That supports localized pricing. Here’s an article from them about it: Localized pricing: What is it and how can it increase your revenue?

HTTP Toolkit is an app that uses this currently. Check their pricing page through different countries’ IPs to see how it changes: https://httptoolkit.com/pricing/

Wes Bos also uses optional localized pricing for his premium courses via coupon codes: Courses - Wes Bos

Thanks, that’s generous. I’ll email you.