Possible to turn-off auto dashes on creating a new line?


Dear TaskPaper users/creators,

is there some way to disable automatic insertion of a dash on a newly created line? It was possible (or always off) in TP2 if I recall correctly.

Why am I missing this?

  1. I usally write a lot of notes along the tasks so I find myself deleting the inserted space and dash then tabbing 50% of the time.
  2. I need to manually delete dash and space when I want to paste a task previously cut from another place in the document. (If I don’t I get two dashes: one indicating a task, and another, useless).

For me, when I press enter, a new line with an option to:

  • press dash then space then write task
  • press tab then write a sub-note for the task above
  • press cmd-v to paste whatever is in clipboard (task/note)
    would be much easier.

Best regards,


Yes, see TaskPaper > Preferences > Editor > Auto-format task lists as you type


OK, silly me. I’ve checked preferences twice and still missed the one. Sorry for bothering.