Possible read/write locking issue?

Jesse – I have not been able to reproduce with TextEdit, but I think it is related to the speed of the updates (depending on the settings, nvUltra can attempt to update the file as quickly as every keystroke).

It was the speed which served as a stress test in my own development that revealed the issue in my own code. Less frequent saves passed through unscathed, so I did not initially detect the flaws in my own file writing/reading threading early on.

Email me and I can get you a link for nvUltra beta that should make it trivial to reproduce this so you can see whether there is a threading issue in TaskPaper. That is probably the easiest way to demonstrate this.


Having been significantly helped numerous times by @complexpoint throughout the years, I find the trolling comment to be inaccurate and insulting.

Plus, the comment “I guess all things change.” is out of place. For more than forty years, I have countless experiences with software and technical support. I have to say that the quality and speed of Hog Bay Software has been at the top of the heap in almost all regards. Jessie is nothing short of amazing.

I’ll cut you some slack—maybe you are having a bad day. But don’t take it out on @complexpoint and Jessie. They deserve better.


Please do send to jesse@hogbaysoftware.com, can’t promise that I’ll take too deep a dive, but will check out.

To be clear, I’ve never had anything but the best in support from Jesse.


I think this should be fixed in:

As per my email, this makes the problem better, but not entirely resolved. (TaskPaper locks but does not prevent nvUltra from editing, until I try to switch to a new document. So part of that may now be a bug in a different section of my code that I need to dig into further.)