Possible bug: Dot colors in Open in Preview command

When doing a print preview the blue dots look blue and that’s perfect.
Opening the preview of it in the Preview app shows them incorrectly colored as green, yet the lines are blue.
Saving to a PDF on the other hand, shows the blue dots correctly.

Odd, I’m not seeing this right away. Using the default theme they look blue throughout for me. Do you have a custom user.less file? Can you maybe post a screenshot of the two different versions?

Sure, check it out here: http://is.gd/Ohes6E
I don’t have a custom file that I have created - just install each update and test things out but haven’t messed with themes at all. If there’s anything you need, I’ll provide it.

Anyone else see it only in Preview? If I sent to someone else not on a Mac, or I look at it on my iOS devices, the dots are normal. I don’t know what would cause it in preview, but I think it’s preview, and not your app. Just really weird…as I don’t know why it’s only happening in Preview…or how I could even make it or change it. Using the digital color picker shows green for sure, so it’s not a weird monitor thing. Eh, seems to not be your issue, sorry.

Seems to be happening when it draws only the dots on expanded items? Those are drawing with 50% alpha (as opposed to collapsed item dots). I bet it is likely to be something that I could fix on my end, just not quite sure what. Do you a “default” system, or have you doing any special color calibration? Also what OS version are you using?

Looks to be the pattern but I suppose it’s not a big deal.
I haven’t changed a profile that I’m aware of - haven’t purposely changed to use a specific calibration for any reason I can remember.
OS is El Capitan 10.11.2