Plan to implement "drag to re-order projects"?

I scanned the forum and didn’t find this … it would be great to be able to re-order projects in the side bar with drag and drop. So far TaskPaper has been great for me for keeping my todo list from going out of control (Omnifocus and friends …) but to keep things concise I find I’m constantly wanting to update the project order.

I do have an item for this in my bug list. But at the moment other issues are going to take priority.

In the meantime one option might be to:

  1. Select your entire document and fold everything, so you only see top level projects.
  2. This way you can now drag reorder in the main text view.
  3. Then when you want to look into a specific project us one of the View > Go commands.


Thanks Jesse for the quick reply! I didn’t realise you could collapse everything from the Home selection, allowed me to rationalise some surplus bullets … That did the trick but made me wish you had a “unfold all” button :wink: Demian