Plan to implement "drag item to different Project"?

I couldn’t find any related info in the forum, I personally would love this feature, any plans to implement?

Nb: I’ve discovered you can drag nodes that are indented with a blue dot (extremely small drag start target) but only to a different position within the same project. I’m referring to Source List on LHS.

In recent builds it should be that you can drag items from the text view into projects listed in the source list view to the left.

Great :slight_smile: I searched around for latest build URL. Is it just the one at ?

Yes, also TaskPaper > Check For Update should get you the latest.

Could be we are talking about different things though it it does seem to be working in latest release. What I mean is you can:

  1. Drag item by blue handle to the left.
  2. Drop onto project in sidebar source list view.
  3. And the item should be moved to that project.

Very interesting. I had version 169 (grab: Monosnap) where the dots only occurred at second level and as you can see Sparkle is disabled. Happy to report it works in latest 173 as does drag and drop like you describe. Thanks very much!

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