Peculiar behavior when changing format of an item


When I use the Items > Format Items menu command, my cursor shifts position in strange ways.

Turn into a note: cursor jumps down to next line after changing the item
Turn into a project: cursor jumps down to next line after changing the item
Turn into a task: cursor jumps back two characters after changing the item

The cursor behavior occurs regardless of whether the line is blank or has text, though it’s really only a problem for me when I turn a blank line into a note before typing, and then suddenly that note becomes part of the project beneath it’s name. (You’d think I’d learn not to do that after the 10th time … you would be wrong.)



In those cases the text buffer character text offset selection is maintained… but that’s not really what you want for those cases. I’ve just implemented a partial fix. Still will be a little weird switching from task to project or note, but will at least maintain correct line.


And the correct line is the most important part. Thanks! :slight_smile: (I’m always amazed how quickly things get answered in this forum!)


Sometimes… :smile: it’s almost as if the developer is avoiding his todo list and is looking for other quick things to work on!?


Productivity in procrastination is an admirable skill. Excuse me while I get distracted by the impressive selection of emotes … :cat2: