Path in the window bar

when navigating, it will be nice to know where we are…

You are speaking of:

  • the file path ?
  • a delimited chain of ancestral lines ?
  • perhaps something else ?

A delimited concatenation of ancestral lines could be quite a long string – perhaps truncated by the width of the window bar ?

But one could certainly write a script to show (and/or copy) such a path in response to a hotkey.

I expect you mean path showing the focused rows ancestors.

I agree that (or something similar) is needed. There should be some indication of where you are when your outline is focused. Mostly this is just one of the many items still on my todo list. My thinking on this feature in particular is:

  1. Something is needed
  2. I’m not sure that an “ancestor path” is the right answer… they can be a bit messy in my opinion, needing lots of ... to make all the text fit. Alternative options to indicate that a row is focused include:
    • TaskPaper style sidebar where selected node in sidebar indicates focused part of outline
    • A simple visual mark to indicate that view is focused (like what FoldingText did) … this wouldn’t tell you where in outline you are focused, but sometimes just knowing that you are focused is enough

All this is to say that I think the feature has to be considered and designed and I just haven’t gotten to that yet, but I agree something is needed eventually.