Pasting text at the end of a focused project is unreliable

If I paste text at the end of a focused project, the editor starts to lose its mind. The paste looks correct in TaskPaper, but when I examine the file on disk, I see part of the text was pasted at the right location but most of it got added to the very bottom of the document.

I have a recorded screen session demoing this problem: - YouTube

I see this in TaskPaper 3.2 (203) and (200). The problem does not exist in TaskPaper 3.0 (176). I don’t think it happened in any 3.1 versions either, but I cannot be sure since 176, 200, and 203 are the only dmg’s that I can find.

Thanks for reporting this. I think it must be related to my adding of the extra newline always at the bottom of the editor. In anycase I can reproduce the problem and will try to get it fixed for next release.

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