Paragraph formatting

Good morning,
I’m completely new to coding. I tried to format the text by adding 5 points before the paragraph. I tried this code, but “margin-top” doesn’t work. Could you help me?

//Couleur du tag @titre2 
run[tag=data-titre2] {
  color: rgb(255,255,255);
  margin-top: 5px;

That won’t work because TaskPaper doesn’t support margin-top.

TaskPaper stylesheets look like HTML/CSS stylesheets, but the underlying implementation and capabilities are completely different. The list of styling options that TaskPaper supports are here:

Instead you could try something like to get a similar effect:

item[data-titre2] {
	color: green;
	paragraph-spacing-before: 20;

With that rule in your stylesheet a row like this:

My test row @titre2

Will have green text and 20 points of spacing above the row.

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Thank you. It works perfectly!

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Another question: I wanted to mark the paragraph (title) with a long line.
I couldn’t find the command in the guide. Is it possible?

See screenshots below

Sorry, I don’t think that’s possible. For full row styling I think you can only set background color.

OK thank you