Option to strip tags (except @done) when archiving done items


Option to strip tags (except @done) when archiving done items.

Would help keep old items out of filtered views.


Seems reasonable as a non default option. Adding to my list.


I haven’t seen this implemented yet. I’m looking to strip @today tags from @done items. Otherwise I get many entries from the archive each time I search for @today items which is not what I want.

There was a script to do so for Taskpaper 2 - this I remember. I miss this and the ability to selectively file a @done task in the archive without filing all at once.

I do like the default behaviour of the archive done tasks command to add the project under which the task was originally as this provides useful context and a useful record of things accomplished.

For the rest TaskPaper v3 is coming along nicely - I like it.


This should be built in now. See Preferences > Tasks > Remove extra tags…


I’ve found it under preferences at it works. Thanks.