Opening Sessions CSV in Numbers

I have to manually copy paste the counts which is a bit of an irritant to me. I have pointed to Jesse on twitter and he asked me to add a line, which I didn’t get it.

Is anyone else facing this issue? and what are the hacks they are using? Is it a writeroom issue, or numbers issue. Do i need to download excel for this to work?

Probably good to ask, if you are not sure that you understood.

I believe the issue may be that the .csv text file requires an additional linefeed character (\n) at the end.

  • open the .csv file in a text editor,
  • place your cursor at the end of the last line,
  • hit the return key to create a new blank line.

Then save the updated CSV.

With that additional linefeed character, the CSV file opens unproblematically in Numbers.

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The big issue here is WriteRoom’s code is very old and not possible to update without a large amount of work. Over time the system changes and bugs like this appear.

A few years back someone reported this issue and I found that the fix was to just enter the newline manually into that file and then things would work correctly after that. I’m not sure what is up now, but for me it seems that Session file is never updated anymore after the initial file creating.

Generally I just don’t think the sessions feature is working and I would avoid using it. I’m going to look into that now and see if I can find a workaround. Will report back in a few days.

oh daym!

I think the USP of the tool is the sessions. Atleast I am not aware of any other tool which can record sessions. Like I run several blogs and newsletter. So I wanted to know how many words I write to each of these areas.

If you can get this working it would be great, if you cannot, maybe somebody else can recommend me an alternative because I just want to see my word count across all the numerous blogs I run every month. Then I also have the a fiction book and a non-fiction book where I want to count my sessions word counts.

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Thanks, I will see how that goes, :smiley:

I’ve just posted an updated version here:

Super, installed will check it out. Thanks so much!

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