Opening a new tab with Shift + Command + N


When I open a new tab with the keyboard shortcut with Shift + Command + N it open a duplicate copy of the current document.

Why would I want a duplicate copy? I want a new document.

Is this a bug, is there a way to change this behaviour?

This is intended behavior, but note that it’s not opening a “duplicate copy” it’s opening a new view onto your same existing document. The intention is that you can a big outline and then focus into different sections in different tabs.

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Yes, it is a good idea currently. I guess I will adapt and you it this way then, instead opening multiple new notes. Makes sense.

Just to be clear, you can also organize separate documents into tabs and that should work well too. To use that approach show the tab bar and click the (+) button that’s on the right size to create a new untitled document in a tab.

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Is that a mouse-only manoeuvre at the moment,
or do we have a keyboard route as well ?

I think mouse only… though always a bit of mystery what features come for free on different versions of macOS. It seems Most of the relevant commands are in Window menu such as “Move Tab to New Window” and “Merge All Windows”.

Would have preferred to have a keyboard shortcut to open a blank note in a new tab. (ideally)

If there is an Apple convention here, then it appears to be ⌘T

(labelled on Mac keyboard shortcuts - Apple Support as Open a New Tab)

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didn’t work in Bike

What about this (Copying from Safari):

  • File
    • New Window - Create new document in new window (Command-N)
    • New Tab - Create new document in new tab (Command-T)
  • Window
    • Duplicate Tab - Create new view in new tab of existing document
    • Move Tab to New Window

This would change around Bike’s current behavior, but maybe makes this more clear and more things possible?

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Looks good …

Yes, I think copying Safari’s behavior/shortcuts is the way to go.