Open multiple files in tabs, as a group?


I use several different TP files. In fact, I use several groups of files: for managing my team at work, I have three files, including one I cut/paste Archive stuff to. I wanna open the group of these files together, each its own tab. now, they open separately and I have to drag them into one window (which is somethings finicky, btw). Yes, I’m lazy. :wink:

If this isn’t possible now, I propose it get added to the list of request features. Firefox has this “save / restore a group of pages” thing; I wish other apps and browsers did, too.

BTW, this is my first post. I’ve had TP for a while, but didn’t use it beyond a ToDo list for today, but I got sick and tired of OmniFocus’s heaviness and just moved everything to TP and I’m much happier. Thanks for the great product. I’m also a heavy user of MarkDown (MacDown app), and Linux sw developer, fwiw, so the plain-text file format thing works great for me.


There isn’t any way to open a particular set of files as a group… but once you’ve set your workspace up like you want (opened the files, put them in tabs in the same window) then TaskPaper can remember and restore that workspace.

They key is that you don’t have “System Preferences > General > Close window when quitting an app” checked and that when you quit TaskPaper you don’t first close your windows. Basically when you quit TaskPaper it should restore you windows/tabs exactly as you had them next time you reopen TaskPaper.

A bit more info can be found here:


thanks Jesse!