On Reminders Integration


You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but…

I’m a huge fan of TaskPaper’s Reminders import and export. I use it for little tasks like groceries and tiny batchable tasks. Could you ever see Bike bringing that over, or is that way out of scope?

Never! Well maybe, but I’m thrilled to hear someone is using that feature :slight_smile:

Yes, but not by me in the near term.

I think Bike actually has a much better foundation for this than TaskPaper because:

  1. Each row has an unchanging unique id
  2. Each row has room for metadata that doesn’t need to be displayed to user

Bike could support a TaskPaper import/export type system, or with the above features it could also support more of a syncing system since you could track the mapping using unique ids from Bike and Reminders.

These features are all accessible from AppleScript so it’s possible you could write a solution now using AppleScript. I also hope to add Shortcuts (the app and technology) relatively soon (1-2 months maybe) with will allow you the same sort of automation features that AppleScript provides, but maybe a little easier.

Longer term I might add built in support for this in Bike, but there are still a lot of more fundamental things that I want to work on first.

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Something that would be very useful, in the context of

Reminder ⇄ linked Bike Row

(for typing quick informal date strings → ISO 8601 and Date values)

would be a Bike API equivalent or import of the DateTime.format method which TaskPaper 3 uses.

(in the meanwhile, if people who have TaskPaper don’t mind it firing up in the background, a script could dial out to TP3 for that : )