On Bike Startup: Paddle: UUID not matched

I restarted Bike, was prompted to download an update, and got a popup saying I needed to renew my subscription. I also, ominously, got this:

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 08.56.30

I went ahead and renewed, successfully. However, every time I start up, I get the UUID message. It is on top of this popup:

After I dismiss them both, everything seems OK, but I’d prefer not to see them.

I was seeing crashes using the latest Paddle framework, so I downgraded in the 1.7.2 release, I think maybe that’s causing this. Anyway I think you can fix by:

Go to Bike’s Preferences > License and then:

  1. Copy your existing license key
  2. Deactivate your license
  3. Paste in that saved license key and Activate your license

That worked once in the past when this issue came up, please let me know how it goes this time.

Worked. Thanks.

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