( OmniGroup ) OPML notes field

I noticed that if I open an .OPML file (omnioutliner in this case) in Bike the notes filed is missing…
I suppose this happens by design but… any way to get that field in a .bike document?

in Bike the notes field is missing…

Not missing – just not displayed.

The problem there is that Omni is using a _note attribute (not part of the OPML standard) to hold those ‘note’ lines, rather than making them OPML children of the parent line.

Bike preserves attributes on read and write, but doesn’t display them.

It would be possible to write an import script which converted those attribute lines to actual children of the row which contains them.

(It’s possible that I’ve already written code which does that – I’ll try to take a look on Sunday, or later in the week)

In the meanwhile, if you make sure that all the OmniOutliner notes are displayed
(OO > View > Show All Notes)
then copy paste will at least bring the note lines into Bike, though without proper parent-child indentation.

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I think the solution suggested by @complexpoint is best for now: Create a script that will search for _note attributes and insert them as children. You could also have a script that does the reverse for when you want to go back to reading in OmniOutliner.

and I think you may find, in the meanwhile, that this older script toggles the hidden OmniGroup _note attributes in and out of (prefixed) visibility in Bike:

thanks a lot!
I will try

after all the additions to Bike fields in the last month and a half is your (Rob) script still valid?

I’ve added a new experimental draft (toggling between imported _note attributes (Omni OPML) and leading note type child rows), at:

Experimental (not for use) toggling between note attributes and rows - Bike Outliner - Hog Bay Software Support

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To me, Bike’s preserving attributes on read and write is an exciting feature!

@jessegrosjean Are you planning to keep this effort for the long term? It’d be so handy to be able to embed extra info into my bike documents.

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Yes, I don’t see why that would change. Eventually more attributes will probably have special meaning in Bike. And some set of them will be used as tags with associated values… I’m not sure exactly what convention I will use for that… but generally all attributes should be preserved on read/write.

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