Omnifocus integration


WTF !? I’ve just discovered that you can drag and drop a entire project or a single task from taskpaper to make an entire Omnifocus project or task with due date and note integrated…Wow… Was it written somewhere in the site that we can do that ?


No … I don’t know OmniFocus very well, but it would be great if someone explored it a bit and did a writeup of where it integrates well with TaskPaper. I’d put in TaskPaper’s user guide once I knew the details, just don’t know now.

I’ve also seen (in last 6 months or so) a bit of twitter chat about using TaskPaper formatted text as a template for creating new projects in OmniFocus for iOS. But I’m not entirely sure what that means or if it’s relevant to TaskPaper for mac.


It’s pretty amazing and simple, It’s an almost two-way drag and drop (omnifocus has a copy as taskpaper function).

It does not work with omnifocus inbox apparently but with omni project, and an omni project must have one task within, to drop a taskpaper project

Have a look :


Here’s some more on using TaskPaper together with OmniFocus: