OmniFocus Integration (FYI)

Just FYI, and I’ve posted this to OmniFocus support as well:

When pasting a OF task into Taskpaper in TaskPaper format, the tags paste in this syntax:

[@]tags(taglevel1 : taglevel2)

Notice the spaces on either side of the colon. This makes for some quirky behavior in TaskPaper. If you try to type out this tag syntax, TaskPaper will not recognize it as a tag. I think it’s the spaces that confuses TaskPaper.

However, if I paste in an OF task with such a tag, the same OF tag is recognized as a tag in TaskPaper. And if I then delete some of it and re-type it, TaskPaper will first remove tag recognition and then, upon re-typing, re-recognize the tag. Again, I can type out the same tag in TaskPaper and TaskPaper refuses to recognize it as a tag.

I tried option-space, instead of a regular space. That didn’t help.

Just FYI.

I think the problem here is not the spaces around the colon, instead it’s the [] around the ‘@’. For a tag to be recognized it needs whitespace before the @. Also the tag name needs to be a valid HTML attribute name… at least that’s the intention as I remember it… so characters like ] will invalidate the tag name and it won’t be recognized as a tag. Try this instead:

@tags(taglevel1 : taglevel2)

Sorry. The brackets were just meant to cancel out any unintentional callouts within the forum website. They were not used in Omnifocus or TaskPaper. Sorry, I should’ve made it more clear and referenced that change in my original post.

The way you represented the entry after “try this instead” is, indeed, what was giving the odd behavior per my original post.