Obsidian plug in

Bike is so fast and l am slowly getting into being able to use it semi productivly as a note taking tool but I was wondering if I could use the same files in an Obsidian vault and take advatage of the canvas view and perhaps other things. Obsidian cant read the .bike files and if changed to md or plaintext you lose bike stuff… does anyone know if there could be an Obsidian plug in to read .bike files Build a plugin - Developer Documentation - this plug in seems to be doing something GitHub - hanbyul-kim/Bike-to-Obsidian - but I am not sure if that removed any of the Bike stuff ? and as its not in the community plugin in list to install you need BRAT ? which was a step I have yet to look at - thoughts welcome

Looks like a file conversion from structured Bike XML to a flat plain text (with Markdown formatting markup), so yes, it would discard .bike attributes like row ids, and links which reference them.

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It’s clearly going to be helpful at some point to have an environment that aggregates collections of Bike files into searchable and queryable databases, but I don’t think Obsidian will be that environment – its architecture assumes plain text files.

(Some of these things are possible with standard tools – XQuery [perhaps with XInclude, depending on the specific choice of XQuery processor] over folders of .bike files, for example, but nothing yet out-of-the-box)