Obsidian iOS

would it be possible to use Obsidian on iOs as mobile companion to TP3?
Any counter indication?

Obsidian for iOS uses plain text documents, so it should be able to read and edit TaskPaper documents.

You may need to change the extension from .taskpaper to .md

It would be worthwhile checking out Obsidian’s forum. You never know what you will find with a search.

Beyond that, you should back up your TaskPaper docs, and try it out.

thanks Jim, would be nice if Obsidian mantains the TP fold capabilities…

You can enable “Fold Headings” and/or “Fold Indents” in Obsidian’s Editor settings. There is also a community plugin called “Outliner” that make may also make it feel a little more “Taskpaper-ish”.


Thanks, that I do…
one thing missing is the @done strikethrough, even manually added…

For missing features in other apps, it might be prudent to post a feature request on their forum.

Thanks Jim, I am a happy TP user but, as many, I miss a mobile companion app (that uses iCloud…); that’s why…

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Nothing wrong with that @amelchi !

Did you get this working to your satisfaction?

In Obsidian, there is a discord server and there are CSS gurus. I bet someone can make you a snippet to mark the @done with strikethrough font. Obsidian allows for CSS snippets to be loaded and used.

Please keep this thread updated with your progress, i might try it too!