Numbered or Bulleted Lists in TaskPaper

@jessegrosjean I wasn’t sure that lists, numbered or bulleted, were supported in TaskPaper using a less file. So, I am asking, are they?

I searched and found there were some discussions in FoldingText forums about using smart lists so I suppose that FoldingText can do this. Although, I thought I read that FoldingText is no longer supported and so …

Just asking but, if a less file is similar in nature to a CSS file and if I can create lists using CSS code (been a while but I think this can be done), it shouldn’t be too hard to implement this feature in TaskPaper - yes? It seems like the code has already been written in FoldingText so, a simple port into TaskPaper perhaps?

If it’s an option that the user may implement in his or her less file, who cares if not everyone wants to do this? I for one would find this feature very useful.

Thanks for thinking about it.

They are not. Some day I hope to add ordered lists to TaskPaper, but it will be part of the text format (ie start a line with #. to created ordered list item) not configured by stylesheet I think.

Any interest then in bringing over the FoldingText features and combining FoldingText with TaskPaper? I can see that you are currently in limbo with FoldingText development.

I know that you already sell a distraction free writing app. And I know that I am using TaskPaper for a different reason than your average customer - for doing research and organizing my ideas. Perhaps this might be a good way to offer the fans of FoldingText a way forward and at the same time, it could be a good way to enhance how TaskPaper can be used?

Interest, yes that’s what I eventually plan to do in some limited cases… such as ordered lists. But I wouldn’t really call it “bringing over features from FoldingText”. Instead it’s just eventual goal of adding ordered lists to TaskPaper. Unfortunately the fact that it’s implemented in FoldingText doesn’t really save me any time, or allow me to easily bring the feature into TaskPaper.

And in anywise at the moment I just don’t have time. I’m trying to figure out WriteRoom 4 still.