Numbered Lists

Trivial need. If I use the ordered list formatting, I can’t copy and past the numbers into something else (e.g., and email). Am I missing something. One of the features I found useful in Folding Text (is that entire unsupported now, BTW?)

Have you tried all the these copy actions?

Re: FoldingText:
Someone bought the code from Jesse, and it’s trying to get a new Beta out soon. But as it’s a side project, it is taking some time. Link to forums.

No, right now this isn’t possible directly from Bike, but I agree it’s a limitation. For now best way to access those number would be through a shortcut or script. Long term solution in my mind is for Bike to support copy/paste of a format (likely markdown) that encode’s those numbers.

Thanks. Those variants of copying don’t work. Jesse has responded. Also tnx for Folding Text input. I’ve transitioned what I can from FT to Bike, and the numbering isn’t a big deal, but would be nice. Haven’t seen a FT forum.


You can get the FoldingText forums link from, except just now when I went to check the forums are down. I also haven’t seen any movement on new FoldingText update for quite a while, I don’t have a lot of confidence that there will be another FoldingText update.

FT forums seem to be active here: Is FoldingText under development? - #6 by Erlend - FoldingText - Support DoubleDog Software


Oh, nice! Fingers crossed! Also the forums link from is working again. Must have just been a temporary hiccup.


Yup - those comments are mine. :smiling_face:

(But the site was down for me earlier as well!)