Nuisance message

i’m looking for advice on a nuisance message that keeps popping up in TaskPaper.

a message appears on both my home and work computers in TP “There is not enough space to save this document to iCloud. Purchase additional storage or remove some documents from iCloud”.

ALL my files are on my internal drives on my macs ONLY. i do not save ANYTHING to icloud. for any files i want to use on multiple computers, i mount drives directly across computers with file-sharing and sync files that way. for anything i need to have more broadly, e.g. mobile phones and computers, etc, i switched to dropbox. however, none of my TP files are saved on any external storage that i don’t own myself, not icloud, not dropbox, not google, etc. my data on my computers is my private property, that i will not share with companies.

so this question is WHY is this message showing up? is something attempting to save files to icloud in spite of the fact these are saved only on my mac? if so, how to i disable it?

I searched the forum and didn’t find anything on this topic. i appreciate any feedback or information on this.

thank you!

have been using TP since around 2009, and it is fantastic, one of the software apps i use every day and probably more than most other apps… Thank you again for TP!

Hi, and from 2009 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’m not sure one this issue. Few ideas:

  1. Pretty sure this isn’t directly TaskPaper related. TaskPaper doesn’t have any iCloud specific code, it’s just using the underlying macOS framework code for saving documents.

  2. What happens if you open TextEdit and save a new document into the same folder as your TaskPaper document that’s causing problems. Does that work?

  3. I think in some configurations iCloud will be used to store more than just “iCloud” folder. For example sometimes it saves everything on your desktop, and maybe other places too. Are you sure that your TaskPaper document isn’t being stored in a place like that?


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