@jessegrosjean Is NSUnderlineStyleSingle another Apple system parameter that cannot be changed like NSAppearanceNameVibrantLight? The code is there in the less file so it looks like I can change the color of the strike through line. However nothing I do changes the color of that line?

   // This occurs last to leave the archived done tags unaffected from earlier tags.
    item[data-done] {
      color: mix(black, white, 50%);
      font-size: 14;
      > run[display] {
     text-strikethrough: NSUnderlineStyleSingle;
     text-strikethrough-  color: mix(black, white, 50%);


display was rename to content in 3.5. Try this to get started:

item[data-done] {
  > run[content] {
    text-strikethrough-color: red;


Thanks. Changed to content. Now works. Apparently leaving out;

// text-strikethrough: NSUnderlineStyleSingle;

works quite well so NSUnderlineStyleSinge appears to be unnecessary now.


This is because the default style for @done is already declaring text-strikethrough: NSUnderlineStyleSingle;. The styles build up on each other, generally if some other rule defines a style it’s “best/simplest” to not redeclare that style in a new overlapping rule. You can, just a little easier and more flexible this way.


I still have much to learn. Thank’s (everyone) for your patience. :slight_smile: