Nova inspired theme

Hey, I tried to create theme with color scheme done by Trevor Miller for Nova.

It’s rather basic concept but for I’m sure for many tasks will be enough. Not quite sure how to make styling for links that are not applied for tags at the same time.

You may take a look:



Each link in the editor is associated with a URL string. You can highlight different link types differently by applying different rules based on the associated URL. In the default stylesheet the links are done like this:

run[link] {
  cursor: pointer;
  color: @tint-color;

run[link^="button"] {
  color: @text-color;

run[link^="filter"] {
  color: @text-color;

Which says:

  1. Highlight all links using @tint-color (bright highlight)
  2. Except link urls that start with “button” should just get normal text color (button links are used in the leading dash of tasks, when clicked @done is toggled.
  3. Except link urls that start with “filter” should just get normal text color (filter links are used for @tags in the editor)

To achieve your particular goal you can redefine all of those rules in your stylesheet, or you could keep them and target web and email links like this:

run[link^="http"], run[link^="mailto"] {
  color: blue;
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Thanks. I updated the stylesheet.

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I don’t know if this happen after upgrade to 3.5 or earlier but in my theme every subitem also has bullet before “-” while in default theme they have not. Where in CSS this is handled?

You can find the latest base stylesheet at:

I think the issue is that in your theme you have:

item {
    handle-color: @decmedium;


And so the handle shows for all items. Instead don’t define the handle color for a generic item… define it for the cases you want to see item[collapsed], item[expanded], etc as shown in the base stylesheet.

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