Notes and other row level type/formatting

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I would like to be able to designate a line as a note (as you can do in Taskpaper) so that it shows up with a different appearance (italics perhaps, smaller/lighter, etc). Maybe this could be done by preceding the line with "- " (which I realize is the opposite of Taskpaper’s behavior, but I always changed my Taskpaper styles so that a line without the prefix would look normal, and a line with it would look “notey.” Having a “-” in front of every line item always seemed pointless to me, though I understand why it made sense in Taskpaper’s “metaphor” or whatever you want to call it.)


I do expect to add other row types. For example maybe heading, separator, note, etc. No firm plans on any of that, but that’s the general idea.

I will likely not use syntax (for example leading dash) highlighting to do this, instead it will work like a rich text editor, there will be a command to format row as “note”.

I’m pretty sure I will add this feature, but a number of lower level things need to happen first. In particular I need to get stylesheet system in place. I also plan to implement inline formatting (bold, italic, code, link) first.

All that is to say I do expect “notes” and other row types eventually, but not super soon.

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