Sort of like TaskPaper with a calendar.

I think I like TaskPaper without the calendar better

That logo sure looks familiar, too – can’t exactly place it


Thanks for that. I was thinking about getting an app to keep track of all the things I do though out the day. I have organized TaskPaper to be more Project centric. This looks like something I could use for that.


After playing around with it for a couple of hours, I am starting to think that I should just add a file to accomplish the same in TaskPaper. It is nice to be able to have a calendar and just click and add info there; but at the moment, I am not sure how agnostic their files will be. I also think that TaskPaper has better search capabilities and flexibility.

@jessegrosjean, I do like how they have the calendar there. I know that there are some scripts to help you add the date on a tag; but it might be a very good idea to have something like that incorporated into TaskPaper itself instead of having to rely on scripts. Just how the UI calls a small window with the tag lists, have the UI call a calendar were you can click and add a date.


Logo reminds me of Brett Terpstra’s nvAlt.


I’m not sure what will be next, but I did start of the whole 3.5 development trail after first starting to add more date functionality and failing because the native side code was a mess. It’s clean now! Once 3.5 is out I’ll likely start work on making date handling better in some way.


What I was thinking of was Patrick Welker’s RocketINK blog combined with the MarsEdit logo. I guess rockets in logos are not unique.


Calling Dr. Freud … calling Dr. Freud!


Hey, I thought I would mention my use with NotePlan. Actually, I’ve been testing/using it since some time and I made the French translation. Eduard (NotePlan’s developper) is very friendly, so if anyone has any feature request, I’m sure he will appreciate your inputs :slight_smile: !

About the software, I’ve been using it alongside TaskPaper. I’m really liking TaskPaper for the search and tags capabilities and think it makes it great to organize and manage tasks on specific projects. So, I’ve been using TaskPaper for project related tasks and NotePlan for the tasks and notes that relate to specific dates. I could create a specific TaskPaper file for each day (maybe a script will help there), but NotePlan makes it very easy: just press Enter on the day you want to add tasks or notes… Also, the calendar visual representation make it easy to have an overview on your planning and the Send to Calendar action make it great to see your tasks directly on your standard calendar (on your Mac or other device if you synchronize it). If anyone want an overview of the application, Eduard made a quick tour here.

About how agnostic the files are (@Victor), they are just plain text files like TaskPaper, but with “.txt” as extension. If you are trying the latest Beta, just look in your iCloud folder and you should see a NotePlan folder with “Calendar” and “Notes” folder inside. In the Calendar folder you will find all the files that relate to date (for example, if you write something for today, you will find it in the file “20161007.txt”). In the Notes folder, you will find your notes there with the name of the file starting with the first line of the note. Eduard also just made a post on Medium about File Sync that give you an overview on this (File-sync with NotePlan)

Many are features some asked for TaskPaper and since @jessegrosjean you’re mentioning that you’re looking into this, I’m looking forward to what you’ll come up ! :slight_smile:


Just a little fragile still ? I notice that if I manually add another .txt file to:

~/Library/Application\ Support/co.noteplan/Notes/

the app currently gets into a crash-on-launch condition, and stays in it even if the added file is later removed.

(The NotePlan beta seems to need reinstallation after that)

I personally feel a bit more at home with something simpler, and more flexible and scriptable.


You’re sure you are using the latest beta ? The Calendar and Notes should have moved into your iCloud Drive ("~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~co~noteplan~NotePlan/Documents/"). For myself, it’s been working fine by manually adding txt files to the Calendar and Notes folder. However, the notes in the Notes folder get added inside the application on the next launch, but it’s working better with the Calendar. Something to note… Eduard sent me a link to the App Store version to test, so maybe it’s working better with this version than the Beta…

Nevertheless, I’ll tell Eduard to have a look at this :wink: !


Hey all, this is Eduard, creator of NotePlan. I thought to join the conversation to help out.

Notes are first written to the Application Support folder, then moved to the iCloud Drive folder with Apple’s functions (in case somebody is not using iCloud). It wasn’t actually designed to be changed manually. However I see the demand to make NotePlan more scriptable. What kind of interface would be best to work with? JSX, x-callback-url or is even modifying the text files best?

By the way, I saw the crash report coming in. Now I know where it came from :slight_smile:. Will reproduce and check it, but as GuiB already found out there is also a workaround to write directly to the iCloud Drive folder. I have added “refresh files in the UI, when added manually to the folder” to the feature roadmap.


the iCloud Driver folder” ?

( Perhaps that goes to the point about flexibility ? )

( My understanding of iCloud user data storage is that it’s on Amazon servers, at 128 bit security (lower than the transaction security levels), and not, by default, covered by two-step identification.

More relevant though, from here in the EU, is that expatriation of any references to clients (saving data on iCloud areas of Amazon’s servers in the US) is not considered compliant with Data Protection obligations).

Hence the value of flexibility …


@metzgereduard I believe that a possible way to accommodate situations as reported by @complexpoint would be to allow for user defined location to store .txt files. I imagine however that would add extra complexity to sync for the upcoming iOS version though, but still a thought :wink:


@complexpoint, thanks for pointing this out. The user can disable iCloud Drive and the files would be saved locally in the Application Support folder and loaded from there.

@pslobo, thats why I chose iCloud over other solutions such as dropbox or gdrive, its extremely simple to implement and fully automatic (no extra logins), which makes it easy to start using with iOS and macOS sync.

However, these are valid points! I will add more options via future updates. I get many such requests. For scripting and interoperability purpose I want to design some API. I need to do more research there, such as for JSX or x-callback-url. If you guys have tips here, let me know! :slight_smile:


Well, @complexpoint is our resident scripting guru so I’d place more weight on his suggestions than mine, but given you’re aiming at releasing an iOS version too, I’d wager x-callback-url would be the more versatile of the two options since it would allow users on iOS to automate the app too.


Integration of NotePlan with Drafts and WorkFlow on iOS would be very useful.

As noted above, It would be very useful if NotePlan read/wrote .taskpaper files. Ideally from/to a library folder that NotePlan knows about via its Preferences. (That library could be located in a cloud. Personally, I’d prefer my own WebDAV though.)


I am torn between using NotePlan and TaskPaper, but I do prefer the simplicity of TaskPaper and I have created my own ‘calendar’ file…
I am including a screenshot of my file as an example, if anyone is interested.
It would be nice to have TP send entries to Reminders and Calendar like NP can do, though.


There is a script that accomplishes this already. Create reminders and events from tags. This is not ideal and there is a plan is to eventually do this in TaskPaper. Judging by the amount that features and changes that TaskPaper has gone through, I am sure that this is coming sooner than later (Just remember that this is my personal opinion).


Thanks for the link @Victor but for the moment I am using Keyboard Maestro to copy events and reminders to the apps.