Note indentation one character off?

is it possible to adjust the indentation on the note?

thank you.

I think this depends on which fonts you are using, it also looks like you’ve got an extra space between the leading - and task text. Anyway the pixel indent per level is configurable in a custom theme using the item-indent variable. I think that will allow you to get the look that you want.

it was the font. strange though i have seen that behavior anywhere else with that font. oh well, there’s plenty of others. thank you

Were you using Input Mono as the font? I ran into this same problem: a note that was a child of a task would appear to protrude beyond its parent task on the left margin. I believe this has something to do with the special hyphen character that TaskPaper uses at the beginning of task items. The hyphen has a lot of “built-in” space after it, which, when followed by a space in a monospaced font, adds up to a big gap between the hyphen and the text of a task item.

My fix for this has been to increase the item-indent attribute in the editor, but that has some drawbacks. I’d be curious to know what your solution was. Different font?

I think adjusting item-indent is the best you can do. Indentation is deciding by the item indent value, not by the width of a tasks dash space -


yeah, different was the only way i could get rid of it

just noticed this as well.

adjusting @ui-scale throws indenting on notes in the opposite direction than what i screen grabbed as well regardless of font. not sure if that’s a bug, intentional, or nature.

Unfortunately, indentation can’t be set for the notes specifically to counteract this issue. In any case, it would be :ok_hand: to support monospace fonts without typeface-specific workarounds.