Not autoformatting


I’m having an issue with the text not auto formatting in a list. If I press the return key after typing a task, the next item would auto format as a task. This has not been consistent in 3.5.


Do you think this might be related to a general preferences system issue the program is having? To test see if you can reproduce the problem after:

  1. Open Preferences
  2. Verify that “Auto-format” task lists as you type is checked
  3. Then try to reproduce the problem

I’m not sure what’s up with preferences, but much of the time they don’t seem to be set until you open the preferences pane.


This is happening on my side as well (3.5 Preview 237).

  • It’s inconsistent.
  • Re-launching the app doesn’t help.
  • Randomly fixes itself.
  • Only happens with task auto-formatting.
  • “Auto-format task…” option is always checked. Toggling that option fixes the issue temporarily.


I’m pretty sure this is due to weird preferences init behavior… I finally figured out that I was getting different behavior in my developer build versions and the final build versions. I think should be fixed in next release.