Next release will focus on Bike Shortcuts and Actions

I’ve decided to focus on Actions for the new macOS Shortcuts app.

Shortcuts appears to be the modern AppleScript replacement. It’s a very different approach, but pretty interesting once you get used to it. It’s much easier to get started then using AppleScript, so I think will complement the existing AppleScript support well.

A while back I already took a stab at implementing Shortcut Actions for Bike, but I never quite got that code into a releasable state. Hope to get something out by … Friday? I always miss these deadlines, but that’s the hope!

As always, let me know if you’ve got any particular ideas on how I should implement things. What you like from other apps. Etc.


a step forward an iOs app…? :pray:

I have an early stab at Bike actions in preview here: Bike 1.11 (120) Preview

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