Next Actions search: some (minor) issues


Hi there,

I’m fiddling with my next actions search Next Actions @search(project *//\(\(not @done\) and \(not @search\)\)[0]) I’m nearly satisfied, nearly because it shows me comments too - if they are the first item of a project, and I don’t get the “projects” Archive & Searches exlcuded.

I think I need to take some crash course in query languages. What would be helpful for that?



Assuming you’ve read the section on TaskPaper’s query language, the next step to get a deeper understanding might be to look at xpath. TaskPaper’s query language uses the same concepts, just packages them up in a looser syntax.


Thanks, I will have a look into xpath. I’ve already read the stuff about the query language more then once but reading is not understanding :slight_smile:

Btw: I got this thing here fixed - but I cheated. I just moved the archive into another file