New to using @search tags, what am I doing wrong?

I’ve never used searches before, my lists were never that long, but I have been reading the help and thought I’d learn.

I thought that if i had lines like:

Project list @search(@type = project)

it would run the search, but it populates the search with:

@search = @type = project

which doesn’t work, if I delete the “@search” it does. what am I doing wrong? thanks.

That looks correct to me… once you’ve put that in your document you should see the search show up as an item in the sidebar. Select that item and the search will be set as you expect I think.

I think what you must be doing is clicking on the search … but TaskPaper doesn’t offer any specialized “search” behavior for that action… it’s just treated as a normal tag, and when you click on a tag value it searches for other tags wit that same value.

Hope that helps.

yep, I thought I was doing something dumb. thanks Jesse.