New to Bike: where's my document disappeared to?

I just started on Bike yesterday - on my desktop.
A few hours later, I load it onto my laptop, insert my license, and then I am unable to find the document I created on my desktop. I thought it would be in a Bike iCloud folder but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Help will be greatly appreciated!

If I make a Word document on my desktop, how can I open it on my laptop? Well, that depends on where I save the file.

Bike is a file based app, just like Microsoft Word or Pages. It has an iCloud folder, but I believe you actually have to save the file there.

(I’m not quite sure what happens if you open up Bike for the first time, start editing and never save. Like where exactly the auto-save ends up. But in general you have to save your files somewhere, for instance in the iCloud folder. :slightly_smiling_face:)

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@addisonhartley Was this ever resolved? Generally what @Erlend says is true. Bike doesn’t have much custom code related to document management, it should work like other macOS document based apps, such as the built in TextEdit app.

I found the document but… it was in the Omnioutliner folder where Omni saves its files. Very odd. Does Bike have its own folder or do I need to create one and make it the go-to for my Bike outlines? Thanks.

Definitely confusing, but I don’t think this could happen unless you manually saved to that location.

I think what likely happened is:

  1. You created Bike document
  2. You made some edits, and then saved
  3. The Save Dialogue showed and somehow it defaulted to OmniOutliner’s folder, or you accidentally navigated to that folder. Then saved.

I’m not sure that’s what happened, I just don’t see any other possible way for a new saved Bike document to end up in another app’s folder. For one, Bike is a sandboxed app, and that means it doesn’t have permission to read/write to any filesystem location unless explicitly directed by the user through the open/save dialogue.