New focus mechanism and creation of new projects


@jessegrosjean In 3.5, when I have a project focused and create a new project at the same level, it disappears from view.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Focus any project
  2. Move the insertion point to the very end of the text
  3. Item > New Project
  4. Item > Move Left (and repeat until the project is at the top level of the document).

Result: the new project gets sucked out of the view.

Theoretically this makes sense, since the new project is not a part of the focused project and so should be excluded.

But in practice it means that I can create a project and have it instantly hidden from me. Then I have to go search for it, etc. This isn’t great for my workflow. The last version of TP just let the new project stay in view. Any chance you could bring back that behavior? There are some good use cases.


Yeah, the current behavior is just a side effect bug related to updating the sidebar display. Will look for a fix.