New feature request

Hi all,

I have been using TaskPaper for a while and I find a little confusing how one can filter the document by project without getting a visual feedback of what is being filtered. I think it would be nice if the project you are filtering gets highlighted (it gets highlighted when you select it, but if later you click on a saved search or tag, the highlight is lost) or else in the title it could be displayed the project you have selected.
Analogously, the filter you apply based on saved searches or tags is displayed in the search bar, but maybe it would be nice if it also keeps highlighted in the sidebar.
It is specially needed if you select the options “maintain project when selecting search” (and viceversa)… you can filter by two independent criteria but you get no feedback on what is being filtered.



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I’ve added an issue for this. I agree this should be done, but I don’t expect it to be done in the near term. At the moment I’m really try to focus on getting WriteRoom 4 ready.