New document on launch?

Hello, currently when I launch TaskPaper 3 or click the dock icon while it’s running in the background with no open documents, it shows a document open dialog. How can I make it create a new document instead, the way TextEdit behaves? Multiple times a day I use TaskPaper for quick scrap notes I don’t necessarily want to save and the open dialog feels like a speed bump. I know my trusty old FoldingText creates a new document like TextEdit, and I don’t believe my old TaskPaper 2 showed an open dialog instead of creating a document either. Thanks!

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I “think” it’s related to this same issue in Preview… at least it sounds like the same issue.

Can you try changing that system setting (remove TaskPaper from iCloud/iCloud Documents) and see if that solves problem?

Hi, I tried removing TaskPaper from iCloud Drive and it didn’t help, however disabling iCloud Drive entirely did help. Tried it a few times, when iCloud Drive is enabled TaskPaper shows the open dialog on launch/focus and when iCloud Drive is disabled TaskPaper creates a new document on launch/focus. I can’t keep iCloud Drive entirely disabled unfortunately, I need it for certain apps. Is this a TaskPaper bug? I’m using TaskPaper 3.8.10 and two machines, one with Mojave 10.14.6, one with Catalina 10.15.5.

FYI—with iCloud drive on, and zero documents open, TaskPaper opens with a new, empty document for me (no open dialog appears).

I’m pretty sure not a TaskPaper bug, instead it’s an very odd default system behavior. I normally don’t see it because I keep a few documents open normally. It looks like you can disable this system behavior for all apps by running this in terminal:

defaults write -g NSShowAppCentricOpenPanelInsteadOfUntitledFile -bool false 

I could also disable it by default in TaskPaper, but not sure that I should… since it would then not follow the system standard.

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Thanks so much Jesse! Terminal command solved it. If anyone else ever finds this thread and wants to disable the behavior only in TaskPaper rather than in all apps, you can do it (at least for TaskPaper 3) with:

defaults write NSShowAppCentricOpenPanelInsteadOfUntitledFile -bool false

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