New Amazing Desktop Publishing App

I wanted to say for anyone interested that Affinity (Serif) has just released a desktop publishing program called “Publisher”.

Affinity also has previously released a photo program (Affinity Photo) and a design or, drawing program (Affinity Designer). Each program is really well designed and honestly, Affinity Photo rivals Photoshop and Affinity Design rivals InDesign and similar programs. Affinity Publisher reminds me of Quark, back in the day.

All the apps are $50 and do not have subscriptions. With the new release of Publisher, all apps are 20% off for a short time.

What amazed me about Publisher is that it was made with buttons for their other two apps in the top left menu bar. What this does really amazes me.

What this means is that if you are in a Publisher document and you want to edit a photo in your layout, you click the Affinity Photo button and instantly, all your menus change to Affinity Photo. You don’t have to open the extra programs gobbling up extra ram, all the features in Affinity Photo become completely available in Publisher just like you had that app open. The same happens with Adding designs to the layout using Affinity Designer.

Gone are the days when, if you wanted to edit a photo to fit a space in your layout, you had to open the picture in a separate app, edit it, and shuttle back and forth to get it just right in your layout. With Publisher your photo editing happens in real time, in your Publisher document.

I thought this was a breakthrough in how you use these sorts of apps. I thought this was worth passing on in case anyone is interested.

Affinity Publisher Site.

Video about the new features.