Navigation seems not to work

Bike 1.9 (112) In an outline with 3 levels I am not able to activate the Navigation at any spot of the text. Watched the video, did not give me a clou. Focus and Typewriter modes work. Are there proconditions for the Navigation function which I am overlooking?

It’s not a bug - I had the same experience, but then realized that you have to be focused on something before you can navigate outward.

For instance, if you’re focused on level 4, you can navigate to level 3, 2, or 1 (Home).

If you’re focused on level 2, you can’t navigate to level 3 because there might be 100 level 3 things under the particular level 2 item you’re focused on.

Pick an indented line and use Outline->Focus in. That will set the focus to that line, no matter how many levels of indentation it carries.

Now the navigation button will let you expand the focus as much as you want.

Once you navigate to Home, the focus is turned off and the nav menu once again will only show a gray Home option, which is where your focus already is.

Better explanation - if you can see a line you want to focus on, click it and use Outline->Focus in.

If you want to expand the focus, that’s done with the nav menu.

Thank you, so I misunderstood the function. I see that it is useful this way.

I will add that this is intended more as a “status” than a navigation solution. I expect eventually to have more navigation options.