Multiple spaces are replaced by tabs

H Jessei,

When in a line multiple spaces are present, these spaces are after reopening the document, or after copy-pasting replaced by a tab! It seems the first occurring multiple space is replaced by a tab.



I can vouch for that behavior. Seems to be fine with a single space, but I always use 2 standard spaces after a sentence and 1 after a comma. Many times I open the doc again and the formatting is off.

Thanks for reporting this, will get it fixed. The intention is to convert leading spaces into tabs when you open a document, which I want to do… but looks like I missed the “lead” part in my implementation and just replaced all multiple spaces with tabs. Will fix in the 3.2.1 update. It’s still delayed, so easy to squeeze this fix in.

Hi Jesse,
Thnx for fixing this issue in the latest build!