Multiple selections in sidebar > auto-generate query

First, congratulations Jesse on the UI upgrades - just working today with 273 after not having been in TP much for a month or so, & it really looks great.

Would it be feasible to allow multiple selections that produce queries?

e.g. right now I can select ProjectA and then type @tagB to search ProjectA for @tagB

I’d like to be able to select ProjectA and @tagB in the sidebar and get the same search results, ideally with a properly formatted query displayed that I could then copy for future use &/or scripting

See the Preference “Maintain project when selecting search”, that will get you part of the way. With that checked you can sidebar select (focus in) on ProjectA. Then click @tagB and @tabB will be set in the searchbar without reseting the focused project.

Note that (was different in FoldingText) the “focus” state of the outline isn’t part of the search, it’s separate state. So you can’t have a search that does the exact same thing as “focusing” a project. You can simulate, for example “Inbox//*” to “focus” an inbox project… but it’s really a different thing happening. It looks the same if “Inbox” is a top level project, but if it’s indented a few levels then “Focus” gives a different looking result (indentation) then if you just search filtered to show the inbox.

Thanks again. I think this pref. and its counterpart “Maintain search when selecting project” will work for me in place of multiple selections.