Multiple file navigation/search ala Notational Velocity / NVAlt

I would like to replace my main note-taking app (Notational Velocity) with Bike. However in order to do that, I need a faster way to navigate and switch between multiple files/notes.

Currently I store all my bikes files in a folder, but after having a few files open it becomes cumbersome to navigate between windows and open files.

This is where Notation Velocity shines. You start in the search box, type to find, and press return to move focus to the selected note. Pressing esc brings you back to the search box and note list. If you type the name of a note which doesn’t exist yet, pressing return creates the new note.

nvAlt, and similar applications, like The Archive are generally limited to working with plain text files – a possible though not ideal use of Bike.

(See Preferences > Document)

My impression is that the planned nvUltra is/was also designed to work with OPML files, which might be less limiting than plain text for use with Bike.

To make full us of Bike’s rich text and links to particular rows you could write all-folder searches with standard XML tools like XQuery.

I would like to do these sorts of things eventually in Bike… a queryable file/folder workspace. Planning for this is still over the horizon. It’s a chunk of work similar to porting Bike to iOS I think. Probably won’t really start thinking about deciding between the two until next summer/fall. Still lots of smaller things to do first.

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