Multiple Computers

I purchased the TaskPaper 3 preview and am in the process of converting over from TaskPaper 2. I have multiple Macs, which has never been a problem with App Store programs. However, when installing the TaskPaper 3 preview on another of my Macs I got a message that the license is already in use. Is a separate license required for every Mac I own? If so, I would like a refund as this was not clearly stated in the preview offer and differs greatly from the App Store license of TaskPaper 2.

A separate license is NOT required for each computer that you own.

I think the default is 3 activations, but you can contact Paddle to up that number if needed. The limit is in there so that no one buys a licenses and then posts it somewhere for lots of other people to use. But my intention is to keep the license the same as it was. Which isn’t all that well defined… but generally a single license covers:

  1. All your personal computers.

  2. Or for a public computer like in a classroom, all users of a single computer.

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I have the same problem. How to “contact Paddle” to ask authorize more computers for a license?


You can reply to your paddle license key email I think (or at least I’m pretty sure they have contact into in the email somewhere. Or of that doesn’t work email me at and I’ll update the license count for you.

Is there any way you could talk to Paddle and get this sorted permanently? I am in the midst of work on a deadline and am locked out of TaskPaper until they get around to replying. Of course it’s an open text format but we have paid for the software.

Sorry about that, I’ve just replied to your email to me, issue should be resolved now.

But I agree it’s a problem. I think the eventual solution needs to be a way to deactivate/activate computers through a website. I think they now offer an API so that I could build a solution for this, but might take some time. I’ll see if they have any prebuilt solutions that I can just host on my site.