Multiline rows for code?

Is it possible to have a row contain multiple lines of code? For example, in Google Docs:

Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 9.22.10 PM

I have yet to see an outlining software that supports this well, which is pretty annoying. I end up just using Vim. I’m really impressed by how you handle text editing, and just purchased a license.

Something like this ?

Bike is a full depth outliner – it doesn’t distinguish between rows and lines.
You can select any block of lines and mark them as code with ⇧⌘` (Format > Code), and then continue outlining within and below them.

(When I need to export from Bike through Pandoc to other formats, I use a script to rewrite contiguous Code-formatted lines as single CodeBlocks)

You could also write a script to recognize the MarkDown-style code fence pattern, and optionally capture a language name, for export to formats which support syntax-specific highlighting.


… code here


There’s an old rough draft of doing something like that (for pre inline-formatting builds of Bike – I must update it and generalise it by using Pandoc) at:

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Interesting! Thank you, I’ll try that out.

My main concern is export, although your idea of detecting contiguous code-formatted lines in an export script is neat.

Also, just wanted to add that I really like the editing experience so far. The low latency is nice, but the keyboard shortcuts also work together well. This is from a recovering Vim user! Command-Shift-b to select a branch then Command-Shift-- to cross it out works well for to do lists.

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If you use ⌃⌥Return, you can get a new line in a row, but it’s fiddly and requires some editing.

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