Multi-select separate row function

organizing row now is a little tricky.


  • list
    • 1
    • 2
      • 3
    • 4

I want to select and drag 2, 4 or 1, 3 at a time.

Remember that 3 is part of 2, and naturally travels with it there.

If you want to move 2 and 4 (without 3) you will need to perform multiple operations. Bike doesn’t support discontinuous selection. But if you internalize Bike’s keyboard shortcuts those multiple operations are quite quick. If I want to move 1, 3 to a new location I would probably:

  1. Place my text cursor in row 3
  2. Hold down Control-Command
  3. Press Left followed by Up arrows
  4. Then I have 3 directly following 1
  5. I select them both and cut
  6. And finally I move cursor where I want to move them and I paste.
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Bike doesn’t support discontinuous selection.

Is this a functional trade-off, or that may be considered/supported in the future?